Learn How to Massage Tight Shoulder Muscles 

Tightness in the shoulders is a problem that many people have. It could be because of a large variety of reasons, including bad posture, stress, or overuse. But just because it’s common, doesn’t mean you have to keep living with it. So that’s why in this article, we explain how to massage tight shoulder muscles and get you back to feeling your best.

Why You Get Tight Shoulder Muscles

Before we get into how to massage tight shoulder muscles, let’s go through how they become tight in the first place. The most common reason in recent years for this tightness is because of prolonged sitting. The rise in office jobs that require prolonged sitting and poor posture has caused many people to have shoulder muscle tightness. The slouching in front of a computer that many people do puts excessive strain on the shoulder muscles, causing pain and discomfort in the area afterwards.

How to Massage Tight Shoulder Muscles

Now let’s get into how to massage tight shoulder muscles and see what massage techniques work for pain relief.

Warm-up first

Before starting your massage, it’s important to warm-up and stretch. First, we recommend neck stretches, done by pulling your head to the side of the neck and gently pulling down with your hand for 30 seconds on both sides. We then recommend shoulder rolls and arm circles, involving rolling your shoulders and waving your arms in circular motions.

Massage Chair

With your shoulders and neck warmed up and blood flowing through the areas, it’s time to start your massage. With your massage chair, sit in it and choose from a massage program featuring a head, shoulder and neck massage. Choose a setting that applies pressure at a level comfortable for you. 

Effleurage Massage

For those without a massage chair, an effleurage massage is a great choice. And this massage is great for those who want to stay home or go to a professional massage therapist. Start the massage with gentle stroking motion with flat hands and fingers. Increase the applied pressure gradually, with movements in an upward direction.

Petrissage Massage

Another great massage technique for tight muscles and painful shoulders, petrissage massages are great for muscle knots and spasms. Using hands, knuckles or thumbs, apply kneading, circular and back-and-forth movements with moderate to deep pressure. Pay special attention to areas with the most tightness. 

Preventing Shoulder Muscle Tightness

When sitting down, whether that be at home or at the office, remember to relax your shoulders. Keeping this in mind helps to reduce muscle tightness, relieving tension and providing easy pain relief before it happens. And regular physical activity and stretching also helps to relieve muscle tension.

Give Your Shoulders The Comfort They Need

Relieve your pain with these steps on how to massage tight shoulder muscles. Using a massage chair, effleurage or petrissage massage are all great ways to release the tension in your shoulders. And for those looking to get a massage, check out the amazing range of quality massage chairs at OSIM. We have massage programs designed to help your body, including your shoulders, feel relaxed, so get yours and relive those tight shoulders today!

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