Are Foam Rollers Good For You?


Your muscles are a key part of your body, and one that many of us have issues with or improvements to be made on. A lot of people, including physical therapists recommend using foam rollers to help our bodies and muscles. But are foam rollers good and how do they affect your muscles? In this article, we go through all the main benefits of foam rolling for your body and whether or not you should consider them as well!

Are Foam Rollers Good? The Benefits

Improved Flexibility

are foam rollers good

Foam rollers are a great tool to help your flexibility

The first and biggest benefit to answer the question of are foam rollers good is the improved flexibility you get. Foam rollers work to apply controlled pressure to specific muscle groups and connective tissues. This pressure then helps to release excess tension and tightness, increasing flexibility and increasing range of motion. 

They’re best used to target the calves, hamstrings, quads and upper back muscles. Improving the flexibility of these muscle groups gives you better movement and reduces the risk of injuries over straining. These are also common areas for people to experience tight or tense muscles, and foam rolling these tight muscles can give you a better feeling body overall.

Muscle Recovery

are foam rollers good

Using a foam roller after exercise is great to help them recover

Those of us who live physically active lives also benefit from foam rollers with their ability to enhance muscle recovery. After exercising, muscles get sore and fatigued due to the micro tears in fibers and metabolic waste build-up. The muscle soreness after exercise is otherwise known as delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. These issues also cause your muscles and the surrounding area to inflame, making soreness and fatigue worse. 

By using a foam roller on these areas of the body and muscles, you increase blood flow. This happens from the foam roller dilating the blood vessels, which helps more blood flow through the area. The increased blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients needed to repair muscle fibers and removes waste, helping reduce muscle pain and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness in the process. This makes it a great second answer to the question of are foam rollers good. 

Injury Prevention 

are foam rollers good

By better preparing your muscles and joints, foam rollers help prevent injuries from occuring

Another benefit to answer the question of “are foam rollers good” is that they are a great help for preventing injuries. This is because foam rollers help with muscle imbalances and tightness, which causes muscle injuries and strain. Certain muscle tightness also leads to issues with posture and muscular restrictions. All these factors combine to help your muscles to prepare for use in everyday movements and exercise, so you experience less injuries from proper functioning muscles.

Start Foam Rolling Today!

So there you have it, all of the answers you need to know about the question “are foam rollers good”. As a way to help your body and muscles, foam rollers work in a number of ways, including improving your flexibility, muscle recovery and injury prevention. And to get your very own foam roller, look no further than our vibrating foam roller. It features various levels of vibration to give you the ultimate foam rolling experience, so head over to our website and get one today!

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