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Functional and Innovative Massage Chair Company in New Zealand.

OSIM NZ features electric massage chairs, body massagers, portable massagers, gaming chairs, and air purifiers and humidifiers that improve your day-to-day well-being. These functional and innovative products can be shipped throughout New Zealand. Shop the most suitable products for your lifestyle. OSIM NZ is all about improving your well-being and helping you live an inspiring life. This is made possible by lifestyle products that combine innovation, premium quality, optimal performance and high safety standards. Browse our selection of massage chairs. Choose the product that calls out to you. And see for yourself why so many people across New Zealand eagerly add our products to their living space.

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Discover A Stronger Sense of Well-being

There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than being careful with your nutritional intake and staying physically active. Even the way you relax and lounge in your living room contributes to your overall well-being. For this reason, OSIM has designed a series of electric massage chairs that help you stay healthy. Each product in our selection is designed to: Relax and Relieve Our massage chairs are designed to help you feel great from head to toe. These lifestyle products instantly relieve your stress and body aches the moment you sit on the chair. Tone and Shape You don’t need to be standing up, running around or doing squats to burn calories and reduce body fat. 

The massage chairs are an effortless way to burn calories while you unwind. Clean and Purify We also offer all-around lifestyle products that contribute to a cleaner living space. These products help combat allergens, bacteria and other impurities in the air. Check and Measure The electric massage chairs have an accurate health monitoring system that you can easily read. Let this reliable feature bring you peace of mind whenever you need to relax. Decorate your living space with innovative furniture that improves your lifestyle and well-being.

Go Beyond The Benefits of an Electric Massage Chair

Our massage chairs are relaxing. They contribute to a toned body and also help you monitor your health. But OSIM NZ offers so much more than these benefits. When you decide to get an electric massage chair from us, you’re also getting the following: Advice - Talk to one of our well-being consultants. They recommend ways to improve your massage experience. They also provide tips for maximum pain or stress relief. 


We readily provide service and support in Auckland and more cities across New Zealand. Let us improve your overall experience through efficient service.


Most OSIM products have a one-year warranty. We can also arrange extended warranty for you. Talk to our team today for warranty concerns or to learn more about your options


OSIM NZ houses a team of technical product experts who repair and take care of your electric massage chair like it’s our own. We’ll get the product up and running in no time.


Let OSIM NZ be your partner on the lifelong journey to optimal health and well-being. Trade in your old OSIM massage chairs so you can get a discount on your new one.

Choose the Right Massage Chair for your Living Space

Relaxation is a major contributor to a healthy mind and body. As a renowned massage chair company, OSIM presents some of your best choices for comfortable and cost-effective electric massage chairs. Recliner massage chairs aren’t the only lifestyle product on our catalogue, though. We also ship the following products to customers throughout New Zealand: Upper Body Massager, Lower Body Massager, Portable Massager Gaming Chair, Air Purifier & Humidifier. A full body massage chair does wonders in helping you unwind after a long day. It’s also great for relaxing on particularly slow days. 

Look after your well-being by adding an innovative massage chair to your living space.

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