uSqueez 2 Smart Foot & Leg Massager
Targeted reflexology massage As our feet carry the entire weight of our body, it is important that they are in good health. uSqueez 2 delivers a strong sole massage that is capable of relieving your sole pains, while stimulating your...
$1,280.00 $640.00
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uPulse Mat EMS Leg Massager
$188.00 $138.00
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uPulse Mat EMS Leg Massager
Relax and tone your legs in one step with uPulse Mat that uses bioelectrical EMS pulses to deliver a muscle-deep invigorating massage, combating various leg problems offering pain relief while improving local blood circulation, toning leg muscles and reducing muscle...
$188.00 $138.00
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Rejuvenate Your Lower Body and Clear Your Mind with a Dedicated Lower Body Massager.

Indulge in the benefits of massage therapy with an electric lower body massager by OSIM New Zealand.

The Benefits of OSIM New Zealand's Lower Body Massagers

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Precision Relaxation for Your Lower Body

Welcome to OSIM New Zealand, where ultimate lower body relaxation is redefined. Immerse yourself in luxury with our cutting-edge lower body massagers, designed for precise targeting of legs, calves, feet, and thighs.

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Innovation Meets Well-being

At OSIM New Zealand, we lead with innovation to enhance your overall well-being. Our advanced technology ensures targeted relief, addressing specific areas to dissolve tension and elevate your relaxation experience.

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Elevate Your Relaxation Game

Explore our range of top-quality lower body massagers and discover the perfect companion for your relaxation needs. Bid farewell to discomfort and stress in specific areas, and immerse yourself in the blissful world of tailored tranquility.

Effortless Lower Body Massage Therapy

In our fast-paced modern lifestyle, stress and muscle tension have become unwelcome companions. For those with busy schedules, finding time to visit a masseuse can be a challenge, and some may feel self-conscious about going to a massage parlour.

If you're grappling with back, neck, or lower body pain and seeking an electronic massager solution, look no further. OSIM New Zealand offers a remedy, allowing you to embrace the benefits of massage therapy conveniently in the privacy of your home or office. Explore our selection of high-quality lower body massagers and place your order today for swift delivery across New Zealand.

Lower Body Massager

Why Choose OSIM New Zealand's Lower Body Massagers?


Discover the pinnacle of relaxation with our specialized focus on the highest quality and most innovative lower body massagers. At OSIM New Zealand, we take pride in offering the best lower body massagers online, backed by a one-year warranty and swift shipping throughout New Zealand.

Our commitment to unbeatable customer service and premium products ensures the satisfaction of our customers. Read testimonials to find out what our customers are saying about their experience with OSIM New Zealand.

 Massage Chairs for Great Prices

Lower Body Massagers at Affordable Prices

Indulge in luxury without the luxury price tag. OSIM New Zealand brings you top-quality lower body massagers, available at great prices. Explore the option to apply for a 0% interest plan, allowing you to own a high-end lower body massager and pay in convenient weekly installments.

One Year Warranty

One-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind

Trust in the durability and reliability of OSIM New Zealand lower body massagers. Crafted with the highest quality materials, parts, and electronics, our lower body massagers come with a one-year warranty, with the option to extend for added peace of mind.

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Deserve the Best in Lower Body Relaxation

Enhance your self-care routine effortlessly with a quality lower body massager from OSIM New Zealand. Immerse yourself in the benefits of regular massage therapy, ordered today for stress and pain relief that you truly deserve.

Our Process

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Step 1: Select Your Lower Body Massager

Browse our lower body massager collection to find the perfect one to suit your preferences, style and budget.

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Step 2: Order Online

Complete your order information and choose from our wide variety of payment options or apply for finance.

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Step 3: Delivered to Your Door

Receive your new lower body massager at your door in no time. Our support team are on hand if you need assistance.

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